Our Story

Since it’s establishment the firm has been owned by the Tufina family. For us in the beginning it was the tower clocks, long case clocks, pocket watches; then the gentlemen wristwatches. Through generations of devotion and hardships our family counts 35 watchmakers. In the last century Tufina partnered with some of Europe’s finest watch companies; while in this century, we are a strong independent company on our own. In a progressively homogenous world where every watch manufacturer seeks first and foremost to define and levy its own identity, Tufina has remained true to its heritage and its time-honored watchmaker’s values. Famed not only for its distinctive identity also for its technical mastery. Following our DNA roots, we have created Theorema and Pionier brands in the same spirit. The excellent attention to every detail during the making and the design process gives each Theorema and Pionier timepieces importance as well as purpose. Tufina’s desire and vision has always been to produce designs that captivate every successful and cosmopolitan man. Theorema and Pionier have an intimate understanding of the way men think. That is why our wristwatches are individually hand assembled. Our métier lives in our own clear identity. Tufina has the ability to create wristwatches that combine tradition and innovation.


I. Tufina

In 1828 our great-great grandfather assembled the mechanism of the Clock of Tirana. A year before he had taken the long journey to travel to London and meet with the famous British Prior watchmakers. Many of Tirana families made donations to make this clock possible. The mechanism was huge with four faces, and one could hear the clock's bell few miles away. The journey was long, the work was hard, but his name will never die.



Tufina Brothers

Handmade in 1868 by our forefathers and reconstructed in 2014 by young master watchmaker A. Tufina. This watch stayed hidden for 45 years during communism. The reason being that many of Tufina’s family property and belongings were confiscated by force from the communists.

19th century

H. Tufina 

Our great-great uncle. Born in the 19 century, he was a man of a few words, but very sweet at heart. He was a master watchmaker in Swiss Made stand clocks. His brother (our great-grandfather) and him donated to the Presidential Room and Prime-minister's Room two Swiss Made stand clocks with the brand Tufina Brothers. These clocks still stand today. Persecuted and imprisoned by the communists, he stood tall all his life.



Sh. Tufina

Our great-grandfather. He was born in the far year of 1888. In the begining of the 20th century he was considered one of the best mechanical watchmakers of his time. A man of 1001 stories. One of his best features was his ability of story telling. He could tell endless stories that tought life lessons about different situations. We should actually publish a book about all he passed on. He was the first one to get Tufina's in partnership with the famous Swiss watch companies such as Longines, Eberhard etc. Even though he was persecuted by the communists at an old age, he died a very happy man.

20th century

Brothers Tufina

A traveler's clock from early 20 century. It was made by our forefathers and brought to life again by young master watchmaker A. Tufina. It is such a treasure to have these clocks working sharp again. Thanks, Alban!


B. Tufina

Our sweet and dear grandfather. He is greatly missed. He was a man of many passions. An excellent watchmaker, he could build a watch from scratch with his bare hands. A very talented jewler, he loved designing and creating necklaces, rings etc. A very promising photographer. Most of the Tufina Family Archive are photos taken by him. Mainly, he loved helping the poor. This quality can be said for all the Tufina family members. "How can I turn down a man that knocks for help at my door" - he would say. He was imprisoned by the communists who confiscated all Tufina's property and belongings. Endlessly worked as a watchmaker until he grew old.

F. Tufina

Our dear uncle. He was born in the beginning of the 20th century. Not only was he a nationalist, but an amazing watchmaker too. He owned his line of wristwatches, which he named after himself. His astonishing timepieces famously sold in all Italy and Austria. It has been said that one of his favorite cities was Bari, Italy. He was shot dead by the communists in mid '40s. A tragic end to a great adventurer.



Tufina Watches in Germany

In Wasbek, Germany in 1999 following his family's tradition Enis Tufina created Theorema and Pionier brands. His desire was to offer men wristwatches at a reasonable price that are not only functional; but also highly fashionable, with unique designs and flawless style, and that are made using only the latest technology in the watchmaking industry.

21th century

Tufina Watches in USA

Since January 2016 Tufina has officially expanded in Chicago, USA to better serve and reach the North & South America customers. Our hard work and dedication to our family's company and to our customers is being rewarded with the expansion of this tradition. Thank you to all that have made our two brands a success.